Long Island wineries & vineyards

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Long Island is one of America’s most differing wine developing locales, delivering energizing, fantastic wines. With an extensive variety of grapes that effectively develop in Long Island’s cool oceanic atmosphere, the area produces wine with direct liquor, extreme aromatics and fresh corrosiveness.

The following description of wines says everything about what we have to offer:

• ‘Red’ wines on Long Island feature “old-world” grapes that have found an accommodating home in the East End’s terroir. They range from fresh and fruity to full-bodied and powerful.
• ‘White’ wines in the region can be crisp and dry; aromatic with highly flavored and exotic notes; or rich, full bodied and deeply scented. Our crisp, dry and aromatic whites are un-oaked and perfect as aperitifs or paired with a wide range of lighter foods.
• Long Island ‘Rosés’ are really adaptable wines, running from pale and ethereal with mineral notes to all the more profoundly shaded, medium bodied and organic product scented. They are by and large un-oaked, for the most part dry, and appropriate as aperitifs.
• ‘Shining’ wines extend from the energetic, overflowing, fun wines that are flawless aperitifs, with early lunch or at any unique event to the wealthier, late-ejected shimmering wines that are incredible to present with an assortment of wealthier sustenance’s from meal fowl, to truffle dishes, and fattier fish
• Normally sweet however adjusted with our ‘Dessert’ wines resemble an amplifying glass, highlighting the qualities of the region. Our oceanic atmosphere empowers these wines to create awesome character and fixation, yet stay dynamic and rich.

The best have a style and character all their own, yet all are a fair impression of Long Island Wine!

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