Singapore Zoo- The world's best rain forest zoo

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For a long time, Singapore Zoo has been known to have among the loveliest settings on the planet, where creatures meander uninhibitedly in open and regular natural surroundings. Covering 26 hectares, the recreation center is home to more than 2,800 creatures speaking to more than 300 species.

As Singapore’s head relaxation setting, Singapore Zoo gets more than 1.7 million guests every year.

Features of Singapore Zoo

Other not-to-be missed feature of the zoo incorporate Fragile Forest and Elephants of Asia, both of which offer instructive components, for example, interpretive signage and revelation stations. Australian Outback and the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia are other captivating ranges to be found where visitors are submerged in natural surroundings speaking to the particular topographical district.

Another huge leap forward was the opening of the Wildlife Healthcare and Research Center in March 2006. The $3.6 million office incorporates a review exhibition that permits guests to watch the creature surgery and treatment regions and intuitive presentations that will teach guests on the work of zoo vets.

Singapore Zoo keeps on adding to the worldwide preservation exertion with its hostage reproducing projects of jeopardized creatures.
Singapore Zoo additionally has a horde of instructive projects that take into account both nearby and abroad understudy gatherings of between 30 to 200 people. These range from day and night camps, off camera and extraordinarily guided visits, workshops to untamed life production.

A prominent treat for most guests to Singapore Zoo is Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife. This program permits visitors to eat while getting a charge out of the organization of the Zoo’s symbols – the orang utans. Other nourishment outlets accessible incorporate Ah Meng Kitchen, Ah Meng Restaurant, Casa Italia Italian Gelato, Chawang Bistro, Inuka Café, and Wild Deli.

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