Ranking in the SERPs now!

September 18, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blog Posts

Woohoo! I am so delighted! I just visited Google for a quick search for the key phrase ‘business directory‘ and 1MillionBusinesses has started to show up in the SERPs from its Google+ page

Have a look at the screenshot given below to see for yourself!


SERPs for business listing
1MillionBusinesses ranking in the SERPs now!


With more than 1500 pages, categories and sub-categories listed in the directory structure, I plan to make this directory an authority directory soon and expect to rank it for so many keywords and key phrases!

1MillionBusinesses.com is a Human Edited Directory, each submission is strictly viewed and analyzed before approval to avoid spam submissions. Moreover, the $1 listing fee in place makes sure only serious webmasters submit their website.

If you haven’t submitted your listing to 1 Million Businesses yet, head over to the Listing Submission page.