Directory Submission Guidelines

September 8, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blog Posts

Follow these guidelines to get your site approved and listed fast!

When submitting your website to a directory, it is important to follow certain guidelines in order to have your listing approved. We at have also set up a general set of guidelines which must be met in order for us to approve your listing. Make sure you follow these guidelines when submitting your business or website for quick approval.

1. Choose the most appropriate sub-category

Web directories are a collection of websites categorized by topic or location. Most directories have a number of main categories which are further divided into sub-categories, forming hundreds or even thousands of pages. Our directory structure consists of around 1500 categories and sub-categories, making it easy for you to locate one that will be best for your listing. Listings in our directory are categorized by topic or location.

Choose the most appropriate sub-category when submitting your listing. Basic listings can be added to 2 sub-categories. You can choose one as the topic and the second one as the location.

Submitting your listing to the WRONG category will only get it rejected.

2. Review your listing

Make sure you review your listing before you hit the ‘Submit’ button when adding your listing. Take your time to decide a unique Title and description for your listing.

Listings with errors, such as spelling mistakes, use of incorrect punctuation, confusing grammar will be rejected, so review, review AND review before you submit your listing.

In case of any confusion, go over this tutorial on How to Submit a listing.

To submit your listing, you will have to enter the following details:

Title – Title should be short and the name of your site. DO NOT stuff keywords in the title.
Description – Enter a detailed description for your listing. Make sure it is unique and different from the descriptions you submit to other web directories.
The description can be as long and detailed as you want. There is no word limit, so make it worth it!
Keywords – You can add keywords with your listing. Separate each keyword with a comma.
Listing Category – Choose the most appropriate sub-category for your listing.
Listing Attachments – Upload a relevant image for your listing.
Listing Details – You can add details with your listing, such as Website Link, Business Phone and Fax. These details will be visible to your viewers.
Listing Location – If your business has a real presence, you can mark it on the map by providing your location.

3. Other guidelines

Follow these guidelines too when submitting your listing 🙂

  • Check and see that your site is not already listed on 1MillionBusinesses by using ‘Advanced Search’ functionality.
  • Do not suggest mirror sites to 1MillionBusinesses.
  • Make sure the URL you are submitting does not redirect to another site or URL.
  • Make sure your website does not have illegal content like pornography or adult content.
  • Do not submit websites or listings that are ‘Under Construction’. Only submit fully functional websites.
  • Avoid repeating keywords in the description or using exaggerated adjectives like ‘cheapest’, ‘greatest’ etc.

NOTE: We do not offer refunds on incorrect submissions, so make sure you follow All the guidelines when submitting a listing.

If a listing is rejected due to errors, you will have to re-submit the listing.

4. Following sites will NOT be approved

  • Websites that have no content and run primarily for banners or affiliate links
  • Websites with excessive ads and popups etc.
  • Websites with sexual/pornographic images or content
  • Websites and businesses related to gambling, online pharmacies and warez
  • Poor quality sites that have broke or missing images
  • Websites promoting hatred or violence

If at the time of submission, your listing or website does not violate these terms and conditions, but is later found to be violating these terms and conditions, your listing will be removed.