National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA)

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The National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA) is an educational organization that was founded in 1991 to support and promote responsible animal ownership and use, and to oppose animal rights extremism.

The National Animal Interest Alliance supports animal ownership and the responsible and humane use of animals in a variety of settings. Our philosophy is based on these basic values:

• We support the responsible and humane use of animals for food, clothing, medical research, companionship, assistance, recreation, entertainment and education.
• We believe that the people who keep, utilize and care for animals have a duty to assure the well-being of the animals in their care, providing appropriate housing, nutrition, medical care, humane treatment and handling.
• We support the ethical and regulated hunting and fishing of abundant species as vital components of wildlife management programs.
• We support the enforcement of state and federal laws that mandate the proper treatment of animals and provide penalties for animal abuse.
• We are committed to preserving the human-animal bond, the special bond that exists when people live and work with animals.
• We believe that others are entitled to disagree with our point of view, but not to break the law or use threats, lies, intimidation, harassment or violence to force their views on others.

The National Animal Interest Alliance Funding

NAIA receives its primary financial support from member donations; from dog and cat breeders, fanciers and trainers, veterinarians, sporting groups, medical researchers, dog, cat and horse associations, pet owners, livestock, poultry and egg producers and other interested individuals associations and businesses. Funding also comes from sponsorships, grants and advertising. The National Animal Interest Alliance welcomes contributions from anyone who supports our values.

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