Cattle Breeds by the Department of Animal Science, Oklahoma State University

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View the Breeds of Livestock asset displayed by the Department of Animal Science at Oklahoma State University. This site is expected as an instructive and educational asset on types of animals all through the world. We trust you appreciate the data gave and think that it’s both instructive and fun. We see this site as a persistently developing asset. Over the long haul we will grow the instructive and logical data relating to breeds. We as of now have breeds from each occupied mainland and we have agreeable ventures in progress with people at various different Universities to add to our postings and to grow existing data. We would welcome extra agreeable endeavors so please let us know.

The Department of Animal Science at Oklahoma State University offers a wide range of study fields and departments that are carrying out researches about the management, securing and nourishing the livestock, Biosystems, plants, eco system and et al. The departments at Oklahoma State University are as followed:

• College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
• College of Human Sciences
• Center for Veterinary Health Sciences
• Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
• Environmental Sciences
• International Programs in Agriculture
• Student Success Center
• Agricultural Economics
• Agricultural Education, Communications, and Leadership
• Animal Science
• Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
• Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
• Entomology and Plant Pathology
• Field and Research Service Unit
• Natural Resource Ecology and Management
• Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
• Plant and Soil Sciences

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